Who We Are

Our company covers revision drywall since its inception, was established in 2012 and is engaged in the production of Fuga profiles.

Rekap Elma Yapi is a registered trademark .

Our experienced implementation team , our dealers and our machinery park , we continue our work by accepting the principle of giving our customers the best service.

Revision Access Panel ( Intervention Access Panel Our Expertise)

Access Panel, In general, interventions should be the region ( valves, electric cables etc. is the main connection . places ) are placed in the apparatus. These covers can be opened with a little touch and on the paint, it is in structure and size of ceramic or similar material can be applied .


Access Panel Usage areas ;

Access Panel,It is subject to the point where it could intervene if necessary. For example, the ceiling in bathrooms of valves or valve or electric main control points , etc. are located . It can be easily used in a single layer plasterboard walls and ceilings system used .


Control Covers Types; There are different types of inspection cover can be used in drywall System. Hatches can meet every need in the walls and ceiling. Ensuring the achievement of the installation at any time offers maximum security . latch, snap and snap- top types are available . Stylish appearance offers economical solutions with low cost.

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